…a teacher who knows how to motivate…


“Núbia Duarte was my Spanish teacher for five years. I began to study full of doubts about my learning, but she always gave me a lot of security and tranquility, which were fundamental. Due to her great experience teaching adults and children, she is always passes on some extra learning for her students.

Núbia, at the moment at École-Saint-Olivier, has many qualities as a teacher, she is creative, patient, fun and very competent in what she proposes to do. She is a teacher who knows how to motivate her students with techniques of teaching, didactics and aggregating value on what was taught. About motivation, I emphasize her work so that I could obtain my degree as a foreign language (DELE), which shows a lot of dedication on her part.

She is always in a good mood, she has clear goals and fills the environment where she is with her joy. Certainly, she is a human being that is worth knowing, spending time together and sharing her joy.”

Sergio Germano, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil