Our Teachers

Karin Bersier (School Director)
A trilingual instructor who teaches French, English and German, Karin Bersier has accumulated extensive teaching experience over the course of her professional career, and she tailors her teaching style to the individual needs of students. Her language courses are often developed collaboratively with the student or group of students.

She uses an interactive, immersion-type approach in which the student starts using the language right from the first lesson. Finer points of grammar can be explained either in the student’s native language or the language they are learning.

Karin or other qualified teachers can travel to your workplace to give classes.

Trino Silva

A native Spanish speaker, Trino holds a master’s degree in Hispanic Linguistics from the
Andes University in Venezuela, and a master’s degree in Language Didactics from Laval
University in Quebec City. He has extensive experience in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign
language in a wide variety of contexts, ranging from individual or small group classes to
immersion settings in Spanish-speaking environments.




Marc Lautenbacher
A professional photographer for the past 35 years, and former owner of an ad agency in Germany for 20 years, Marc Lautenbacher has a wide-ranging expertise in photography. He has worked in many forms, including photojournalism, portrait, landscape, and fashion, and has taken his passion with him through many travels. Past contracts have included photographing industrial products using electronic flash and studio lighting. He was also co-owner of the international image bank PGI-IMAGES, with offices in London/England and Munich/Germany and was in charge of selecting contributing photographers as well as marketing.

Marc Lautenbacher is offering a Creative Photography Course. This interactive course will immerse you in artistic and experimental photography, both outdoors (“on location”) and in the studio. Participants will learn special tricks, such as the motion blur technique, the Rule of Thirds, and many other secrets of this magnificent art, to make extraordinary and striking photos!


Michel Auclair
An experienced programmer analyst and I.T. professional, Michel Auclair boasts a long career in computer technologies. He has worked in Montréal and Québec as a consultant, in-house programmer, and independent expert. His career led him to work for small and mid-sized companies in the United States and Québec, as well as for major international companies.

His specialties are high-quality programming, data transfer during system conversions, and de-bugging professional software packages (“progiciels” in French) for user clients.

Michel Auclair is offering a beginner course in Computer Technology that will introduce you to the basics as well as the immense potential of computers. You will gain an understanding of operating systems and their utilities, graphical interfaces, text-handling, Internet, programming software, email systems, and perspectives on the history and the future of computer technologies.