History of the School

The school started out as the Cours-de-Langues-Québec of Val-Bélair. It was founded by two German teachers, including Karin Bersier, who has a Masters in Modern Languages, in French, English and German.

In 2010, the school moved to Rue Saint-Olivier in the St-Jean-Baptiste neighbourhood in downtown Québec. A classroom was created in a house, and the number of students grew over the years.

The clients are very diverse: Québecois students learning English and German for their jobs, to travel, or just for fun, as well as people coming from all over to live in Québec and learn French.

Starting in January 2018, we are expanding our program. Cours-de-Langues-Québec will now be called École Saint-Olivier, and as well as modern languages you will now be able to take courses in photography, drawing, and computer technology. And more exciting courses are still in development!


About Karin Bersier (School Director)

“I was born in July 1958 in Waldshut, Germany, a picturesque little town near the Swiss border. By the time I reached high school, languages were already my favourite subject. Early on, I participated in exchanges with students from England and France. After graduation, I completed a Masters in Modern Languages in English and French.

When my studies were completed, I moved to the French part of Switzerland with my husband, where we began our family. I lived for 20 years in the Lausanne region, on the shores of Lake Geneva, perfecting my French by speaking it every day. I also completed my degree in German, allowing me to teach it as a second language.

Once my children were old enough to go to school, I began to teach, first at high school, and then at CEPV. This professional college, equivalent to CÉGÉP in Québec, specializes in teaching photography. During this period, I also began to teach adults who had diverse backgrounds and motivations for learning a new language.

I moved to Québec in 2006 and found my first job at a CÉGÉP in January 2008, at the Notre-Dame de Foy Campus in Saint-Augustin de Desmaures. For four years I taught English to college students in diverse professional programs, including law enforcement, firefighting, sanitation, fashion, and early childhood education, as well as teaching students preparing for university. This broad range of needs and backgrounds pushed me to develop a wide variety of teaching styles.

In 2009 I founded a private school where I welcomed students of many different ages, professions and goals. It took innovation and skill to adapt to individual students’ needs, but the opportunity to meet people who come from all over the World is incredibly fulfilling. It makes me feel that I’m at the heart of what makes this country so special.”