…a huge amount of patience…


“My name is Jamie Nally from Ireland, I’m a coordinator and English teacher in Colombia and I was a student of Núbia in École-Saint-Olivier for about six months. Núbia Duarte is a big reason why I can speak Spanish very well, I started with her from 0 and in the space of 6 months she taught me a lot.

Núbia is a dedicated teacher with a huge amount of patience, even when I had lost mine trying to recite verb forms she would calmly edge me forward. I can say that she is an amazingly kind person, who gives only her best when she works with her students. Núbia has a lot of experience teaching as you would tell from the moment she starts teaching you, she has a great ability to understanding the different ways people learn and can make you feel very comfortable from the first moment.

She always uses different methods in teaching her class and always keeps it fresh and new, it was always very interesting to have class at École-Saint-Olivier with her and I enjoyed every class that I had with her.”

Jamie Nally, Athlone, Ireland