Photography Courses

From 14 March 2022, the École Saint-Olivier, in collaboration with Marc Lautenbacher, will offer two possibilities concerning photography.

Biography of the teacher
Marc Lautenbacher, a professional photographer for 35 years and former owner of an advertising agency for 20 years in Germany, has acquired a great deal of expertise in photography. He offers you here in Quebec a course in creative photography.
A documentation of the course by a 16-page brochure under the title “VISION n°1” of winter 2018 is available in PDF format on request. Questions about the courses by phone : 418-682-8058 to Marc Lautenbacher’s office.

A) Introduction to photography for beginners

This course is for beginners who have just purchased their cameras. All camera brands are accepted except mobile phones! This course in French is designed in 4 modules of 2 1/2 hours each as an introduction to photography.

Module 1: Camera settings for beginners. Understanding camera settings and digital photography jargon is essential.

Module 2: Light and focus for beginners. Light management, focusing, and the use of manual mode will be on the agenda.

Module 3: Speed and movement for beginners. How to capture movement in photography? Shutter speed management is a key element in photography.

Module 4: Aperture and depth of field for beginners. You will learn how to easily manage the exposure of an image by adjusting the aperture.

Price for a group course for a series of
4 modules of 2 1/2 hours = $198 + $40 non-refundable registration fee, taxes included. MINIMUM 4 participants.

B) Photography course for intermediate photographers

This course is designed for both beginners and intermediate photographers who wish to get away from the automatic mode of their camera and learn to use it creatively.
The main goal of the course is to sharpen the eye and to learn how to juggle with light, a major component in photography!
Participants will learn special tricks and techniques such as motion blur, the use of depth of field, the rule of thirds, painting with light and many other secrets of this wonderful pastime to create an exceptional photo image.
In interaction between the teacher and the participants, this course will develop a sense of artistic and experimental photography, both indoors and outdoors. Special attention will be given to lighting and the different sources and qualities of light. A visit to a renowned professional photo studio is included in the course schedule!

Price for a group course for a series of
4 sessions of 2 1/2 hours = $198 + $40 non-refundable registration fee, taxes included. MINIMUM 4 participants.

Price for a private class on demand (for one person)



Taxi on Times Square, New York City (Photo: Marc Lautenbacher©2014)