Comments and Testimonials

Here you can read some comments and testimonials former students have given about the school over the years:


“My name is Fátima Costa and I had private and group lessons with Núbia Duarte, for 2 years, at the company Petrobras in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Spanish classes with Núbia, which is now at École-Saint-Olivier, were the best I have ever had. She is an excellent professional, with impeccable didactics and a perfect fluency of Spanish. She is always well disposed and ready to teach in the best way possible; even the novice student, who has more difficulty learning, can understand and speak from the beginning.

Núbia also teaches the differences in pronunciation and words between Spanish from Spain and South America. I recommend her classes for both adults and young people.”

Fátima Costa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


…the best I have ever had…


“My name is Jamie Nally from Ireland, I’m a coordinator and English teacher in Colombia and I was a student of Núbia in École-Saint-Olivier for about six months. Núbia Duarte is a big reason why I can speak Spanish very well, I started with her from 0 and in the space of 6 months she taught me a lot.

Núbia is a dedicated teacher with a huge amount of patience, even when I had lost mine trying to recite verb forms she would calmly edge me forward. I can say that she is an amazingly kind person, who gives only her best when she works with her students. Núbia has a lot of experience teaching as you would tell from the moment she starts teaching you, she has a great ability to understanding the different ways people learn and can make you feel very comfortable from the first moment.

She always uses different methods in teaching her class and always keeps it fresh and new, it was always very interesting to have class at École-Saint-Olivier with her and I enjoyed every class that I had with her.”

Jamie Nally, Athlone, Ireland

…a huge amount of patience…


“Núbia Duarte was my Spanish teacher for five years. I began to study full of doubts about my learning, but she always gave me a lot of security and tranquility, which were fundamental. Due to her great experience teaching adults and children, she is always passes on some extra learning for her students.

Núbia, at the moment at École-Saint-Olivier, has many qualities as a teacher, she is creative, patient, fun and very competent in what she proposes to do. She is a teacher who knows how to motivate her students with techniques of teaching, didactics and aggregating value on what was taught. About motivation, I emphasize her work so that I could obtain my degree as a foreign language (DELE), which shows a lot of dedication on her part.

She is always in a good mood, she has clear goals and fills the environment where she is with her joy. Certainly, she is a human being that is worth knowing, spending time together and sharing her joy.”

Sergio Germano, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

…a teacher who knows how to motivate…


“Three lessons with Karin Bersier, the School Director of École-Saint-Olivier, allowed me to (finally) make some real progress in English. I feel more confident now that I can communicate in English. Karin’s professionalism and the flexible and enjoyable structure really contributed to my progress.”

Christian Payeur, union leader in education, Québec

…A flexible and enjoyable structure…


“I had three lessons with Director Karin Bersier. Not only did I improve my grasp of English thanks to her skilled, meticulous teaching, but I could do it in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The perfect fit for a language school in Québec!”

Claire Minguy, communications officer for the Government of Québec, Québec

…Relaxed and friendly atmosphere…

“We’re a young Canadian family who decided to move to Germany for two years, both to study and to have an adventure together. We didn’t speak a word of German, so we took the beginner course at the École-Saint-Olivier to get us ready for our arrival in Germany. We were very happy with our experience, especially since they were able to adapt it to our needs. It did a lot to prepare us for the challenges we would face during our first days and weeks in Germany.

Later on, when we took placement exams for language schools here in Germany, we were pleased to find that École-Saint-Olivier in Québec had already given us such a good foundation that we could begin our language studies in Germany at an intermediate rather than a beginner level (B1 instead of A1 or A2).

Thank you so much, Karin and keep up the good work!”

Jacqueline, North Dakota, U.S.A, and Marc-André Légaré, Québec

…Very happy with our experience…


“Having come to Québec for a one year post-doc position in Robotics, I wanted to take some courses to improve my English. The Courses at École-Saint-Olivier were perfect for me. Karin Bersier is a skilled teacher, who was rapidly able to determine my needs and help me progress quickly.

I was very satisfied with my accomplishments in this course. It’s a great language school for my 8 months of English courses.”

Bruno Sauvet, PhD. and researcher in Robotics, Paris, France

…helped me progress quickly…

“As a student from France doing my masters in Québec, I improved my English over the course of the year thanks to Karin’s courses. With these small groups and friendly atmosphere, I could use my English without feeling shy, and my conversation started to improve!
The course at École-Saint-Olivier also helped me grasp grammar fundamentals and even conjugation painlessly, a far cry from the struggles I’d experienced in public school.”

Emilie T., Medical Doctor, Paris, France

…painless learning…


“I had always wanted to learn German without ever really knowing why. I was born in Québec and have always lived here, so this language wasn’t exactly a necessity for me. For many years, a demanding career as a Geographer and Climatologist for the government of Québec kept me from fulfilling my dream. Finally, I decided to make learning the basics of German into a retirement project – to learn German for the fun of it! Without any “serious” reason!

I discovered Karin Bersier’s École-Saint-Olivier, thanks to a friend and registered for private lessons in January 2014. German isn’t an easy language, and now that I am at retirement age, my memory isn’t what it used to be. But my teacher Karin helped me to learn and progress at my own pace every week, from January to May 2014 and again from February to May 2015.

Lesson took place in a calm, charming room, nothing like the usual classroom setting, making the experience even more pleasant. I felt excited about going to class. Though I’ve since had to take a break from courses, I know I haven’t had the last word in German!”

Monique Plamondon, Geographer and Climatologist for the Government of Québec, Québec

Learn German for the fun of it!


“My name is Nathalie, and I took an English course at this lovely language school in autumn 2016 at École-Saint-Olivier. I went there because I’d heard that it was good and I wanted to practice my English. The atmosphere was warm and straightforward, and made me feel right at home. Students should go for it!”

Nathalie Labreque, Assistant Manager, Québec

…warm atmosphere…