…Very happy with our experience…

“We’re a young Canadian family who decided to move to Germany for two years, both to study and to have an adventure together. We didn’t speak a word of German, so we took the beginner course at the École-Saint-Olivier to get us ready for our arrival in Germany. We were very happy with our experience, especially since they were able to adapt it to our needs. It did a lot to prepare us for the challenges we would face during our first days and weeks in Germany.

Later on, when we took placement exams for language schools here in Germany, we were pleased to find that École-Saint-Olivier in Québec had already given us such a good foundation that we could begin our language studies in Germany at an intermediate rather than a beginner level (B1 instead of A1 or A2).

Thank you so much, Karin and keep up the good work!”

Jacqueline, North Dakota, U.S.A, and Marc-André Légaré, Québec