Learn German for the fun of it!


“I had always wanted to learn German without ever really knowing why. I was born in Québec and have always lived here, so this language wasn’t exactly a necessity for me. For many years, a demanding career as a Geographer and Climatologist for the government of Québec kept me from fulfilling my dream. Finally, I decided to make learning the basics of German into a retirement project – to learn German for the fun of it! Without any “serious” reason!

I discovered Karin Bersier’s École-Saint-Olivier, thanks to a friend and registered for private lessons in January 2014. German isn’t an easy language, and now that I am at retirement age, my memory isn’t what it used to be. But my teacher Karin helped me to learn and progress at my own pace every week, from January to May 2014 and again from February to May 2015.

Lesson took place in a calm, charming room, nothing like the usual classroom setting, making the experience even more pleasant. I felt excited about going to class. Though I’ve since had to take a break from courses, I know I haven’t had the last word in German!”

Monique Plamondon, Geographer and Climatologist for the Government of Québec, Québec